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I bought into the selling on line concept. When I started the course I found very old web pages that they use to train you. They start with e-bay and learning how to use it. The examples are so old that when you go to e-bay to apply them you can't recognize the web page. I started looking at the dates on their videos and I see dates back to 2002. So they try to teach you with material that is at least 14 years old. The will test you on the... Read more

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I invested over $8,000 and thought I was going to do well making money from home. I am very skeptical, but fell for this one. Also spent more money on building a useless website and and drop shipper. This company (Power Sellers College) claims to be accredited by the BBB; which is one of the reasons I fell for it. I believe this is false advertising and I so wish I could get my money back; or at least SOME of it. I consider this a total rip... Read more

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In 2012, I feel victim to the same scam. I lost so much money. I wish I could turn back. Things would be greatly different. Read more

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I was talked into joining Power Seller’s Center. The course was given by Robert Allen. I gave them 13000 dollars to help me build a business. I have been working steady at this for 8 month now and have not made a penny. It has only made me spend more money because of course I had to sign up for more programs to build a store. I would like to put in a complaint because they use bbb as a reference, and say they have a perfect record with the bbb... Read more

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I have been trying now for 8 month 40 hr.a week. made 5 dollars cost 13000 dollars. What do you think??? Husband and I are both sick. I thought I was a good way to make stay at home money for retirement I guess I will be working a couple of extra years to make up for trusting in people. They say you will be making really good money with in 3-4 months. While I would like to see a little pit back. Do not trust these people they will lie to you... Read more

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I also was scammed. The price was also $4500. I started the course, got halfway through it. My so called mentors would call once a week. Our calls would be about 5 minutes. All they would do is comment on my projects I had done, and gave some suggestions. I also would have little tests after each lesson. By my fourth call I was told their mentoring was done. They had completed their 4 calls. If I needed help I was allowed to call them. Next... Read more

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I did some research thought OK I wanted to start a home base company. Paid 4500.00 and was taken. Promised to make my money back in a few months, what a joke!!!! Still trying to get my money back. The college web site is now gone. Read more

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About seven months ago I was online and received an email stating I could make around $4000-5000 working from home. So I went on the website and looked at it. It seemed alright to me. I wanted to have my own home based business and thought it was a good time to jump on the opportunity to do so. I received a call shortly after I inputted my information from Power Seller College. Promising the whole kit and caboodle. They were going to setup a... Read more

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